The beaches
Things to know

The beaches in the Algarve completely are of fine sand and are diversified as the region itself. You find dream beaches with great possibilities but also the little bay for a lonely, recovering and quiet pleasure on the beach and in the sea. Especially in the areas between Armação de Pêra and Ferragudo, or Lagos and Porto de Mos, you find bays that are only accessible from the sea and where you are undisturbed. You can ask the fishermen at the beach. For just a few Euros they will be prepared to take you there and back on the agreed time.

Portugal belongs to the worldwide leading nations in terms of water quality and cleanliness of the beaches. 69 beaches currently have the blue flag which corresponds to the highest standard and means continuous control. Criteria are, among others, water quality, infrastructure, waste disposal, drinking water and sanitary facilities.

Pets are not permitted on the beach. 

The currents of the Atlantic can be very strong, also where it is not suspected. Time and again also good swimmers get into danger for life because they swim too far away from the beach or because they overestimate themselves. If you get into a current, do not struggle against it in a direct way. This is tiring and you will only stand it for a short period of time. Swim with the current and try to leave it transversely even if this pulls you a few meters further to the sea. 

Toward the west coast the surf is clearly stronger and the water colder. Here, experienced surfers find their fulfillment.

Nude bathing is only permitted on signposted beaches. Topless is tolerated.