The county of Lagoa is lined by spectacular cliffs along the complete shore and is only interrupted by dream beaches. Tower buildings and large concrete hotels are not found on this part of the Atlantic coast. Villas, townhouses and apartment resorts are situated between pines and their light and friendly colours go nicely with this landscape. 

When hiking through the cliffs you should wear sturdy shoes! After rainfalls, which are quite rare here, cliffs and paths are in part extremely slippery! Sufficient beverages and snacks should also be part of every trip. 

At the westernmost point of the coast (Ponta do Altar) in the county you have a great view over the > Rio Arade < and onto > Portimão <. In the foreground you see a fenced Seco. These holes of erosion originate from rainwater rinsing and seawater undermining them. 

View toward east. The low evening sun makes the rocks glow in bizarre colours. A hiking tour should always be finished with daylight. In darkness the paths and at the same time the precipices become badly recognizable. 

Cliffs at the > Vale da Lapa < roughly 2 km east of Carvoeiro. The paths and hiking routes are well signposted. 

In 2013 the cliffs between > Carvoeiro < and the >Algar Seco< have been made walkable for everybody over about 1 km. From the wooden gangplanks you have a gorgeous view over the coast. 

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The Algar Seco is located at the southeast edge of the town > Carvoeiro <. It is a formation of rocks and caves created by erosion. It can be reached via stairs.  

In the caves exist natural windows that allow for sights onto the coast and, same as here, on anglers.

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The colours of the rocky formations change with the position of the sun.

The light of the rising sun puts the hiker in a particular mood. 

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At the > Vale Centianes < sailing boats and cave tourers move alongside the coast. Be careful! Nothing is secured here.

The beacon > Farol do Cabo Carvoeiro < is quite appropriate as starting point for hiking tours toward east or toward west. 

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The caves and grottos along the coast are partly just big enough so that boats can go into or through them. 

A particular event is a hiking tour with sea fog.

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The cliff formations starting from > Benagil < and passing by > Praia da Albandeira < are breath-taking and beautiful.

View over the famous rocks on the > Praia da Marinha <.

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Alternating impressions, again and again, small beaches and romantic bays.  

With the end of the cliffs also the county of Lagoa ends up. View toward east onto > Armação de Pêra < in the county of Silves and on its beaches.

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