Markets in Quarteira

Mercado Municipal

The market is located directly by the fishing harbour of the town. Fresh fish is offered in a separate hall. 

Coordinates: 37°04'08.1"N 8°06'26.9"W

The quality on the markets is absolutely top. Nearly each Portugues recognizes the freshness of the goods.  

Fruit and vegetable from the region. Due to the mild climate without an actual winter the crops are throughout the whole year.  

Honey, oils, liqueurs, diverse Piri-Piri (Chili) sauces and olives may not be omitted.

Gypsy Market

The biggest so-called gypsy market of the Algarve is arranged every Wednesday near Quarteira. The venue is situated east of the town by the M 527-2 towards Almancil.

Coordinates: 37°04'24.2"N 8°04'35.3"W

About 50 meters east of the market site is a big parking area.

Pedlars offer linen, cloths, shoes, toys, handbags and many household items. 

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In the meantime there are also some booths with food on the market.  

Beverages, snacks and pastry are offered to the hungry visitors.

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Farmer's Market

The farmer's market takes place in town on Wednesdays.

Coordinates: 37°04'10.1"N 8°06'16.9"W

The fruit comes directly from the field to the market. The goods are often not so standardised as you might be used to, however, the taste is much more intensive than greenhouse goods. 

The sausages which in part are produced according to old recipes are simply delicious. 

Also offered are bacon, ham, cheese, jam, dried legumes, vegetable pastes and much more. 

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Olive and olive oil are important and healthy ingredients of the local cooking.  

Even living animals are provided here. 

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