Santa Luzia

Santa Luzia is a village and a community (about 1,450 inhabitants) in the county of Tavira.

Coordinates: 37° 6′ N, 7° 39′ W 

The village is situated roughly 1,5 km southwest of Tavira and is signposted there in the urban area and on the N125.

Remains of a Roman cemetery were discovered in this village. Besides, the only Greek inscription (from the 4th century before Christ) in Portugal was found here. 

Santa Luzia claims itself as capital of the squid. The fishermen of the village have specialised in catching these animals which are frequent here. Early in the morning one can watch the fishermen landing their yield.

You can park on the beach promenade. There are banks, a post office, restaurants, bistros, cafés and several shopping facilities in the village. 

Santa Luzia is sheltered by the offshore Ilha de Tavira from the Atlantic. Ferry boats go regularly to the island.  

Modern apartment houses and neat fishermen's houses alternate. The streets in the village center are often very narrow and winding. 

Green traffic islands and blooming bushes embellish the urban area.  

The original church dates from the 16th century. In the 20th century the population arranged for its reerection in a very modern style. 

Coordinates: 37°06'05.6"N 7°39'40.0"W

You can visit the church during the mass. 

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The Santa Casa da Misericordia de Tavira (house of mercy of Tavira) rooms today a kindergarden.

Coordinates: 37°06'08.8"N 7°39'40.1"W

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